Founders Lane Apartment Canberra

Founders Lane Apartment Canberra

59 Currong St N, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia

For Sale, Off Plan for Sale

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Welcome to your new neighbourhood, Founders Lane

A new beginning

Inspired by Canberra’s history, Founders Lane marks a new era for the CBD. Urban, cultural, natural and historical influences have been intricately interwoven to create a transformative new precinct that celebrates the past and sets the stage for our city’s future.

Inspired by history.

Located on the cusp of two suburbs, Founders Lane is surrounded by a rich history. Braddon was formed in 1922 as a garden city featuring

a light industrial area for automobile services on the far end. Reid followed in 1926 comprised of housing for the fast-growing public servant sector which was transferring from Melbourne.

Inspired by nature.

Founders Lane incorporates a series of central courtyards with architecturally designed park seating, bicycle parking and public art. These pedestrian and cycle-friendly green spaces optimise the natural amenity of existing mature trees for further residents and the Canberra community to enjoy.

A whole new city experience.

The precinct will completely transform the city centre. It will deliver a childcare centre with indoor and outdoor play spaces and an eclectic mix of quiet cafes, quirky Canberra pop-ups, big brands and community greenspaces. Accessible, exciting and all at your door.

Crafted by locals

Founders Lane has been designed by Canberrans for Canberra. Charisma is achieved in the architectural and landscape
design through the convergence of Canberra’s past, present and future. Employing the highest standards of design, Founders Lane is a precinct that will stand the test of time for the benefit and enjoyment of Canberra locals and visitors for many years to come.

Built for the future.

Founders Lane begins a new era in a much-loved part of Canberra. Located at the base of Mount Ainslie, Reid is one of Canberra’s oldest suburbs. The area demonstrates Canberra’s garden city concept and is renowned for its wide tree-lined street and spacious grass verges. See the rich and diverse range of heritage homes in Braddon and Reid. They tell the story of our city’s heritage.

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